Mother’s Day Dreaming


April 16, 2013

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. I have decided to celebrate by running my first 5K since the pregnancy. Should be…. interesting. Luckily I have roped a fellow new Mom into running with me. Misery loves company. Typically for Mother’s Day you think of spoiling your own Mother or being spoiled as a Mother with treats like flowers, spa appointments and perhaps a piece of jewelry (ALL GREAT IDEAS for the men reading this post).

However this year I’m hoping for a more practical gift. A second more useful, lightweight, non-swear inducing stroller. I currently use any number of terrible profanities every time I try to get my Double Chicco Snap-in-Go-ish monster of a stroller in and out of the car… or to turn it down the hallway or not break my child’s legs (the one riding in the front). The stroller that I now want The City Mini Baby Jogger City Select Double is monstrously expensive. I think it might be one of those save up, sell the other stroller and then hope that I get very spoiled by a few of my loved ones. With twins it is hard to run errands and shop with the Double Bob (don’t get me wrong the Double Bob is amazing for running, trail walks and strolls to the Farmer’s Market) but I need a day to day stoller. Here it is, and yes I want it in this awesome red color:




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