The Marrige Plot


January 10, 2012

Tonight is book club, so excited!!!  I absolutely adore reading.  I also love talking about the books that I’ve read.  Tonight we are all getting together at my place to discuss our latest book “The Marriage Plot” by Jeffrey Eugenides.  This is the first book that I’ve read of Eugenides.  I have seen the movie “The Virgin Suicides” but I had never read the book.  Soon after I finished “The Marriage Plot” I quickly downloaded “Middlesex”.  It felt wrong to have not read the book that he won a Pulitzer for writing.  I do not fancy myself a literary critic so I will spare you my review of the book and send you someplace much more suited to be doling out critiques, The New York Times.

I have to admit that the entire time I read the book, set in the early 80s, I was imagining the fashion of the most classic, and my favorite of all the Brat Pack 80s movies, St. Elmo’s Fire.  I know they went to Georgetown… but come on… Georgetown and Brown, pretty much the same thing!



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