A Happy Happy Year


December 27, 2013

Just a few of my favorite shots from Instagram from a year filled with constant change. Looking forward to another crazy year in 2014!



Crazy Boys





Pretty Cat

And can you believe these little guys were only THIS big… or should I say tiny about a year ago!



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  Happy October


October 6, 2013


My little pumpkins, as seen below, are still keeping me busy now that they are starting to figure out how to walk. Perhaps if I can find the time to get crafty I’ll try out the above, super cool, chalkboard pumpkins. Or… I’ll just plan to make some pumpkin muffins (greatest mix ever!) and sip on apple cider.

 I hope everyone has a happy October filled with fun tricks and yummy treats.



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  Mother’s Day Dreaming


April 16, 2013

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. I have decided to celebrate by running my first 5K since the pregnancy. Should be…. interesting. Luckily I have roped a fellow new Mom into running with me. Misery loves company. Typically for Mother’s Day you think of spoiling your own Mother or being spoiled as a Mother with treats like flowers, spa appointments and perhaps a piece of jewelry (ALL GREAT IDEAS for the men reading this post).

However this year I’m hoping for a more practical gift. A second more useful, lightweight, non-swear inducing stroller. I currently use any number of terrible profanities every time I try to get my Double Chicco Snap-in-Go-ish monster of a stroller in and out of the car… or to turn it down the hallway or not break my child’s legs (the one riding in the front). The stroller that I now want The City Mini Baby Jogger City Select Double is monstrously expensive. I think it might be one of those save up, sell the other stroller and then hope that I get very spoiled by a few of my loved ones. With twins it is hard to run errands and shop with the Double Bob (don’t get me wrong the Double Bob is amazing for running, trail walks and strolls to the Farmer’s Market) but I need a day to day stoller. Here it is, and yes I want it in this awesome red color:




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  Find The Pretty’s Top Baby Toys


April 10, 2013

Hello out there Find The Pretty readers. Now that I’ve started blogging about the world of baby I have a hunch that a few of my new readers might enjoy a post about my boys’ favorite toys from ages 0-6 months.

First and foremost at age 0 months they didn’t care at all about toys. At all! They cared about eating, getting  fresh diapers, their soothies and being rocked. Once they did start to play they had quite a long list of toys that have captured their fancy.

Tiny Love Super Delux Lights and Music Activity Gym.

This is a great spot for the babies to begin their Tummy Time activities. At first they will like to lay on their backs and become engaged with the world around them. Don’t be disappointed if at first they just lay their like little lumps. Soon they will track objects, and then eventually they will reach for objects. Now (at 7 months) my boys roll around and grab all the toys. If I’m lucky they will get trapped by one of the arches and amuse themselves for a few moments before they roll across the floor.

Bright Stars Links

I can not state strongly enough how amazing having TONS of these links around has made me. I use them to extend the length of the toys on our activity mat. I also link toys to the boys’ car seats, strollers and jumperoos. They are the perfect size for their little hands to grasp and they love to chew on them (teething time at our house!). This pack comes with 24 links and I might just be crazy and buy a second pack.

Lamaze Play and Grow Firefly

This crazy looking guy is a big hit. Lots to look at, lots to grab onto. The back is all black and white patterns (perfect for newborns). Thanks Tara!!!

Vulli Sophie The Giraffe Teether

I couldn’t forget Sophie. This little lady has a great squeak and has all the right nooks and crannies for teething.

Sassy Developmental Wonder Wheel

This is a new toy to our house from Gramma and the boys are OBSESSED with it. You can suction it to your baby’s high chair, or like me, you can just toss it into the mix on the floor. It has a fun rainstick sound, both fun and soothing at the same time.

Rhino Toys Oball Rattle

These round rattles are another favorite at our house. The boys can get their little hands into the holes and grasp the balls and get a really good shaking session in. They are also big enough that they can’t get them into their mouths. In my mind these are a must.

Angel Dear Blankie (or Lovey)

My boys were each given a Lovey by their cousins when they were born. They have become a nap-time staple in our household. They boys love to snuggle and rub these guys on their faces as they fall asleep. They have a ton of options for animals and colors. We have the cow as seen above (we call him Moo-Cow) and we also have the puppy version (we call him Puppy, we are very clever at our house).

Hopefully you find this list helpful. As the boys grow, and therefore my knowledge grows, I will share more options for older babies.


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  Baby Hiatus


April 1, 2013

Sorry for going radio or should I say blog silent for the past…. many, many months. These little guys have been keeping me busy!


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  Currently Loving


August 13, 2012

In my mind there is nothing as delicious and refreshing in the summer for a treat as Key Lime Pie. I finally found the place in Portland, Maine to purchase this decadent treat and I have been working my way through a few of the unclaimed pies from my baby shower this weekend. Thank you Two Cats Bakery for helping make my baby shower so sweet and the days that have followed filled with tart yumminess!


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  Time Is On My Mind: A Maharam Story


July 11, 2012

I’m utterly enchanted by this watch and it’s story.

Maharam: Ben’s Watch, by Stefan Sagmeister

I contemplated buying a certain fancy watch for years. When I finally gave in and purchased it, I was immediately disappointed by the miniscule amount of enjoyment this expensive item provided.

My client Ben Cohen, the co-founder of the ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s, wears a cheap plastic watch I designed for him that features a dial design showing how the U.S. government spends over half of its budget on the Pentagon.

But Ben did not just order one single watch, he bought five thousand and gives one to (almost) everyone he encounters. Both of our interns received one within five minutes of meeting him and wear them proudly—I’m sure they tell their friends how the Ben of Ben & Jerry’s had given them their watch.

Ben’s cheap watch tells the time just as well as my expensive one does, but it generates much more joy for him and those around him. I am ashamed to admit that his five thousand watches came in at the same price as my single one. Ben’s purchase works for him, while I am paying for mine. But then, he is Ben and I am not.

A native of Austria and a Fulbright alumnus, Stefan Sagmeister is the founder of New York–based Sagmeister Inc. His personal work, which focuses on the pursuit and understanding of happiness, is currently the subject of an exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia.


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