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November 7, 2013

I think I might be watching a bit too much Breaking Bad, but I was inspired by Hank’s geode collection to do an Etsy jewelry search for geodes. I have decided this white and gold bauble is the Pretty I Found that should make it’s way to my necklace collection… to be fair I can’t really wear necklaces right now since the boys love to yank as hard as they can at any jewelry I wear, but one day I will be able to rock this (get it… rock this… I’ve had too little sleep I think…)

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  Diggin’ It


April 11, 2013

Way to go GAP. Diggin’ this ensemble.


 I think I would add the following just to really make it POP:

Yellow Necklace



  Modern Day Love Necklace


April 9, 2013

For Christmas this year my husband bought me the most delicately beautiful gold necklace that captures all the things in my life that I love the most; my husband and my two twin boys. To be completely honest I did suggest that I would love a necklace like this and that I wanted to add his initial and not just the boys (he wasn’t just being conceited and adding his own initial). I decided to put his initial on the upper strand, since he was my first love, and then added the boys initials on the lower strand. The only thing I think the necklace is missing is a third initial “C”  for the lower strand to symbolize our cat Charlie, who is most definitely one of the greatest loves of my life.

The necklace is from an Etsy designer Petitor. The shop has other lovely jewelry. All as delicate and perfect for every day wear.


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  My Favorite Earrings


April 1, 2013

Jo Jo Loves You… and me! I have three pairs of Jo Jo’s bling earrings and I’ve bought multiple pairs for friends. I wouldn’t say they are the ONLY earring a girl needs (you have to have your pearls) but I find that they are my go to earrings. Now that the weather is getting nice and I’m lightening up the colors of my wardrobe I find that I’ve been wearing my Crystal Aurore Boreale almost exclusively.




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  Kate, You Stole My Heart


September 5, 2012

I have been a long time fan of Kate Spade‘s jewelry. I wear my round lever back earrings ALL the time and I’ve sent them as gifts to many a special lady in my life.  What I love most about her jewelry design is that she is able to mix a classic style with a bit of a whimsical approach that is just perfect for me.  Some of you reading this may know that I have been on bed rest for 5+ weeks which has allowed me to do some serious Internet surfing. Yesterday I decided to take a look at Kate’s fall offerings and  I immediately fell in LOVE with a ton of her new pieces. Here is my list of things I adore (okay, they are not all new fall pieces, some are pieces I’ve been loving for a while):

Bright Spot Leverdrop Earrings

These are my top pick from here entire line of jewelry. Some may say they are a bit big for everyday. To those people I say “Why not go ahead and just enjoy life. Have some fun and add some sparkle to your everyday!”

Frame of Mind Chandelier Earrings

These would be perfect for an evening out on a date with that special someone or a gal’s night out. I would also easily rock these to work… well if I was actually currently working that is.

Pardon My French Necklace

Love, Love, Love. I’ve been searching high and low for a delicate gold necklace. Once I saw this I realized I may not be a delicate gold necklace kind of gal, but I am a cheeky mid-size gold necklace kind of woman.

Give It A Swirl Statement Necklace

It wouldn’t be a Find The Pretty post about jewelery if there wasn’t at least one fabulous statement necklace.

True Colors Idiom Bracelet

A bit summery for a heading into fall post… having said that… this bracelet could easily pair up with a brightly colored cashmere sweater.

Carousel Bangle

Officially these are watches, but they are so close to a bracelet I thought why not!


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  H&M Shoe Lust


June 15, 2012

I fell in love with these little sparkly foot gems today at H&M. With a $17.00 price tag I might need to treat my pregnant-and-no-longer-wearing-heals feet to these lovies.


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  Are You Wearing Pants, I Am Now!


February 24, 2012

I’m sure by this point we’ve all seen this flow chart by Amy Sly, “Am I Wearing Pants” I think I’ve even posted on this before.

In the past I have fallen prey to the cheap leggings that can be found on the tweens sale rack at my local TJ Max or H&M. I have been that girl that at times has shown off a bit too much when bending over to grab something.  But I wanted to let you know that I am finally wearing pants! Real honest to goodness pants that don’t show off any more than I want to.  They are the Wunder Under Pant from lululemon.  I have the most amazing job that I get to wear elastic waisted pants to work every day now… well who am I kidding I basically lived in leggins and stretchy jeans before now.  I have been amazed at the comfort and the lack of see-through-ness of these pants.  If you’re looking for just the right legging for your day out on the town and you’re also looking for an amazingly technical yoga pant that are chafe-resistant and tight fitting to show off your alignment during class than you are in luck!


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