I Heart My First Bard


January 9, 2012

I had my first coffee, or should I say work of art, this afternoon at Bard Coffee on Middle Street in Portland.  I fell in love.  The staff was so friendly and helpful.  I’ve been ordering grande lattes and extra hot skinny whatevers for years but I didn’t always know exactly what I was ordering.  I spent some quality time with one of the baristas and they talked me through the milk to espresso ratios of each of their drinks and showed me the cup type and size for each drink.  I was fascinated that their was art and food science behind what they were doing back behind the bar.  Don’t get me wrong I never thought that just any joe schmo could whip up a really good cup of coffee, but I had been living in a bit of a dreamland on what was happening to create all those drinks I’ve had in my life.  Once I finally decided on what I was going to have they created the drink you see below (this is not some fancy photo I found on the Internet, just a little snapshot from my phone).  What you see below is a cappuccino with a blend of skim and whole milk.  Yum Yum!

I was inspired by the adorable heart they created out of the foam of my cappuccino and by the coffee.  So I spent a bit of time perusing Etsy to see what the artists out there created by blending these two things and here are some gems I found.  Perhaps you have someone in your life that loves coffee that you could spoil with an out of the blue gift… or I heard through the rumor mill that a heart inspired holiday is coming up soon.

Fancy Prints: Chocolate Men Coffee

Hair Brained Schemes: With Enough Coffee

Nan Lawson: A Couple Of Mugs In Love

April Bern Photo: Coffee Cup of Love


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