Coalesse Andoo Table


January 19, 2012

It’s  been a while since I gave some love to my favorite table, the Andoo Table from Coalesse.  When I day dream about eventually having really nice dining furniture this is the table that always gets featured.  I love the simplicity and clean lines, but I’m also blown away by the detailing.  It has the look of a parson’s table but there is so, so much more going on.

Just look at that detailing!!!

Because I know you are all sitting here reading this post wondering, “But what kind of chairs would Erin put around this table!?!”.   Rest easy folks I’m going to tell you.  I haven’t 100% decided on the exact model of chair but I do know the aesthetic.  I’m thinking either the Eames molded plastic chair, armless for the majority of the chairs and the arm chair for the heads of the table.

Or… and I know this is a bit crazy, the Verneer Panton chair in white.  I’ve written about this little guy before.  I just love him.

Look, pretty, pretty, pretty.

For those of you, like me, that might not have about $10k to drop on a table and chairs you can always get the same look by shopping at West Elm.  They’ve even featured their Parson’s Dining Table with white plastic chairs.  Butterflies aside, how great are they!


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