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January 31, 2012

Here’s a glimpse of the fun I’ve been having on Pinterest the past few days.  If you want to follow me click here.


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  Statement Necklace Of The Day


January 31, 2012

Tom Binns Slap Dash Swarovski Chrystal Bib Necklace

Sadly this one is sold out (sad face) I still feel it was worth featuring because DANG it’s gorgeous!


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  Finishing Our Guest Bedroom


January 30, 2012

Finishing our guest bedroom is something I’ve been day dreaming about for the past five months.  The irony is that we’ve only had a guest bedroom for about five months and one week.  We had been living in one bedroom apartments for the past… forever… and we finally upgraded to a multi-room house that enabled us to dedicate a room to guests.  We have the most important part of the room completed, the bed.  We have also added bedside tables and lamps which we felt were necessities so our guests could have a place to put their water glass and cell phone… and you know so they would be able to see when it’s dark outside.

Existing Bed Frame

Ikea: Malm (dark stain)

Existing Tables and Lamps (I’m using a very simple light color shade for the lamps)

Table: Pier One Anamati Three Tear Mosaic Table

Lamps: Target Silver Mercury Glass Lamp

But now it’s time to add some charm and character to the room.  As a couple we traveled to Kyoto Japan about four years ago and picked up a few pieces of local art which we’ve since had framed and the three pieces are now hanging in the guest bedroom.  The primary colors of the art are a deep coral, navy blue and a lighter sky blue.  I wanted to embrace these colors with the softer accents in the room, like the bedding, rug, drapery and fine a few hard accessory items.

The Rug (desired color on the left, reference image on the right)

It’s hard to tell, but I’m pretty sure the rug is brighter than this images leads us to believe, but this is the general look that I’m after.

Garnet Hill: Bogart Flat Weave Wool Rug

The other option for the rug brings out a bit more of a tangerine vibe than a coral vibe.  I would have to visit it in person.

West Elm: Iznik Dhurrie

The Bedding. I’m thinking that monogramming an “H” on the pillow cases. Could be cute, could be way too preppy for the room.

Lands End: Navy and White Hotel Bedding and Sheets

A throw blanket to tie it all together

Pillows and Throws Unison Harper Poppy Throw

The color might be a bit too snappy, so I would want to also take a look at this orange throw after the rug came arrived.

CB2 Knit Burnt Orange Throw

I could also have a bit of fun and add another pattern into the mix.  We all know I’m not afraid to layer patterns, but the orange may not be rich enough, again I would have to wait to see what the exact color of the rug turns out to be.

Jonathan Adler: Nixon Throw

For a bit of additional fun, and a space for a guest to layout all their accessories (make-up, jewelry, wallet, cell phones…)

CB2: CB2 Formosa Burnt Orange Side Table

Don’t forget the windows.  With all the pattern and the dark walls (gray) that I already have in the room I want something light for the drapery.

West Elm: Luxe Window Panel

So, what do you think?!?


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  Learning The Ropes


January 30, 2012

Let me start this post by saying “I Love Maine!” What a wonderful state Maine is, full of the beauty of the great outdoors, amazing cuisine, fabulous shopping and very, very talented artists.

One of these oh-so-talented artists is Shana Aldrich, the founder of the jewelry line The Ropes.  I first came across Shana’s designs in Portland’s Angela Adams showroom.  I was immediately drawn to the bracelets that were featured just next to the checkout counter…. they always know how to get you!  What made me initially pick up one of the bracelets is that they were substantial, not unlike a statement bracelet, and they were made from the most joyful colors.  I got into a long conversation with the loveliest shop girl and she told me that a local Mainer had done the design.  I quickly headed home, business card in hand, to look up Shana’s work.  After reading her bio I realized that her website does a much, much better job explaining who she is and what inspires her than I ever would be able to… so here’s a mini-bio all about Shana:

A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Shana followed her dream to become a designer and spent the beginning of her career as an apparel designer in New York City and Boston. After some time away, Shana realized her true passion was to return to Maine and pursue a design career in the surroundings that she was most influenced by.

Inspired by her frequent trips to the beach with her son Thomas and her love of the ocean, Shana founded The Ropes — a line of hand-made accessories constructed from marine ropes and hardware. Her innovative flare for mixing stylish trends with traditional materials from Maine’s marine culture has helped her develop The Ropes and brought her back to embrace the way of life that she loves.

I knew I wanted to do a blog post featuring her work and I was so inspired by her designs that I decided to have some fun and match up my favorite of her designs with the outfit I would ideally wear if I could style myself using my Internet Closet. Hopefully this will bring some Spring or Summer fun into this chilly winter day for you.

Bracelet: The Ropes, Skirt: Zero + Maria Conejo, Shoes: Maison Martin Margiela, Orange Top: Zero + Maria Cornejo

Let’s Let Diane Dress Us This Time:

Bracelet: The Ropes, Top: Karin Top, Skirt: Elley Mini Skirt, Shoes: Elan

Bracelet: The Ropes, Skirt: J Crew Pencil Skirt , Top: James Perse

 Bracelet: The Ropes, Top: Anthropologie Clipped Cities Blouse , Jeans: Rag + Bone


Necklace: The Ropes, Top: The Gap Slub Knit Drop Shoulder , Shorts: Girl. By Band of Outsiders, Shoes: Tory Burch Bi-Color Espadrille





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  Statement Necklace Of The Day


January 30, 2012

Vanessa Arizaga Salty Lime Silver Plated Pave Diamond Necklace



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  Playful Art


January 29, 2012

I have another great Etsy find for you.  How adorable would these prints be, framed in a white frame with a wide white matte, for a baby or children’s room?!? Typically I’m a bit afraid of amusement parks or carnivals.  The rides either scare the you-know-what out of me or they make me toss my cookies.  The only reason that I tend to end up there with friends and family is that I have an extreme passion and hunger for any form of fried dough.  Enough said.

All images from Zila Longnecker Photography



  Hearts and Kisses


January 29, 2012

As many of you know my favorite Hallmark Holiday is right around the corner.  I personally love nothing more than thinking about, selecting, and giving presents.  It gives me such joy to surprise someone with just the right gift.  It doesn’t matter to me if it was a gift that they really wanted or if it was a gift tht they didn’t even know they needed until you surprised them.  I tend to write quite a few posts about things I LOVE or find soooo pretty.  I’m guessing that it may make it a bit hard to decipher what I really hope to one day own and things I just like to admire from afar.  So for those of you in my life that could possibly be in the mindset that they want to shop for me… here’s a list of those things I am currently, in all seriousness, pining for.


A new piece of art to adorn our bedroom walls: Cocoa and Hearts Colors 25 Small Print

New Wallet: Kate Spade Continental Wallet In Bright Yellow

I’ve had my current wallet for years and I’m just plain getting a bit bored with it.  I would love to come across something with a serious pop of color when I open up my purse.  Especially in the dead of winter.

A new addition to my statement necklace collection: Bubbles By Kim Dulaney

(this is the gift I have all my fingers and toes crossed for)

A new pair of Nike Free running shoes (I’m a 7.5 just in case someone wanted to surprise me)

If you know me you might be thinking, don’t you already have three pairs of running shoes? The answer to that question is yet.  However in my defense I’m both someone that’s on my feet a lot and someone that likes to run a lot… okay and I’m also someone who loves variety and the color pink. Aren’t these just so cute!

A bit of help getting started on the bedding for the Guest Room: Navy and White Hotel Bedding from Lands End


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