A Blush and A Smile


July 22, 2011

Meet my two favorite makeup products that I wear every single day.  I’ve had my Multiple for over a year and I’ve barely used up a quarter of the stick and I just had to replace my lipstick.  I had used it all the way down the bottom, how many times can you honestly say that finished a full tub of lipstick?!?  Nars seriously knocked it out of the park for me on these two products, definitely worth the price! 

Orgasm The Multiple

The Multiple in Orgasm (I frequently use this on my checks for that cute lightly flushed look and as a base on my lips for a bit of shine, plus it helps my lipstick stick around a bit longer…I typically tend to chew off my lipstick within moments of application)

Roman Holiday Sheer Lipstick

Sheer Lipstick in Roman Holiday (I know this looks crazy bright, but I promise it only gives your lips an adorable subtle pink glow)


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