The Perfect Black Tights


December 16, 2010

The hunt for the perfect black tights can be exhausting.  To be perfect they need to have just the right thickness, not too much shine, the right level of opacity, and most importantly they have to be comfortable.  After many years I have finally found what I believe to be the perfect black tights, the Basic Tights from Ann Taylor Loft.

They are reasonably priced and if you log onto their website today, or possibly even head into one of their stores, they are running a 40% all merchandise sale.  One of the best pieces of advice I can pass onto you, my readers, is to always buy your tights one size larger than the sizing chart suggests.  I hate the feeling of too tight tights.  Tights and stockings should feel like a second layer of skin… not a tourniquet.  Now scoot along and go stock up your stockings drawer!


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  Are you a PBS Fan?


December 9, 2010

Calling all Find the Pretty readers that have a love of both public broadcasting and architecture.  A friend and colleague of mine, Architect Stephen Chung, has been working on a TV show idea for over four years.  Now the show is in a final decision-making stage at PBS.  

Each year PBS receives over 3000 TV show concepts.  From that list, 205 were selected to be reviewed.  Of that list, 16 are now remaining.  “cool spaces; the most provocative architecture of the 21st century” is one of those.   

Now PBS is soliciting email support from the general public to help decide which of the remaining 16 should be piloted.  PBS is looking for new programming that will appeal to a younger and more diverse audience. They also want to see a show that would succeed across multiple platforms-such as web and social media.  
Stephen has asked my Find the Pretty readers if they would be willing to write a short email in support of the show.  It doesn’t have to be long winded- just a short note expressing your support in seeing a television show about architecture on PBS.  If you are interested please send your emails to the following address:
Interested in seeing all the remaining 16 shows?  Click hereto check them out. if you go to:  By the end of the year, PBS will select a handful for piloting.


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  My London Adventure: Part One


December 1, 2010

Hello Find the Pretty readers.  I’m so sorry for my absence these past few weeks.  I have a few excuses that include the Thanksgiving holiday with family, a terrible case of food poisoning and on a much better note a fabulous trip abroad.  I was very lucky to have the opportunity to spent the week before Thanksgiving traveling to London. 

I have a ton of wonderful stories and pictures to share.  Today I will start with my first forey into the British tradition of High Tea.  I had been told that this was an experience that I shouldn’t miss.  I was a bit concerned that I would look a bit foolish sitting alone in a stodgy restaurant having my tea alone, since my husband had the misfortune of having to work while we were over there, but in a wonderful turn of events one of my best friends Andrea happened to be traveling in London that week as well so we met for shopping at Harrods and High Tea.  I have to give her all the credit for finding the hotel, making the reservations and putting up with me dragging her half way around the city, on foot and in the rain, to find the hotel when it was just a block from our original meeting spot.  Sorry Andrea! 

The hotel had not only an old world appeal but it was perfectly balanced with just a hint of modern design that made it quite chic.  The tea and goodies were scrumptious and the glass of champagne by the roaring fire was the icing on the scone.  I would recommend to anyone traveling to London to stop by The Knightsbridge Hotel.  It was meticulously designed and the staff was utterly charming!