The Wonderful World of Derian


October 31, 2010

How have I gone this long in my career, and life, not knowing anything about John Derian and his decoupage designs?!?  A few weeks ago I was reading one of my favorite organizational design Blogs, Deliciously Organized, and I saw a post about these adorable insect tumblers, Smile it’s Friday. They came from John Derian’s collection for Target.  I quickly hopped over to Target’s website and fell in love with the entire melamine platting collection.  I know I ‘m a bit late to the game with this post since the collection has been out for a while, but I was utterly charmed by these pieces and just had to add a select few to my kitchen cupboards.  I will be keeping a close eye on Target to see if anything new comes out in 2011.


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  Boston’s West Elm + Etsy + Patch NY Event


October 18, 2010

I attended the West Elm + Etsy + Patch New York event last Thursday October 14th at the West Elm on Brookline Avenue and it was Fabulous! I am eagerly awaiting another event of this caliber.  I love that West Elm was able to create an event that felt personal to Boston by supporting local designers.  It felt as if they took the “mass production” feel out of their store and allowed me, as a designer, to feel more personally connected to their brand.

The highlight of my evening was getting to meet Don Carney, of Patch NY, and have a West Elm exclusive print signed by him.  I even encouraged my friend Ainslie to get the same one.  We now having matching Frog Cocktail Rings and Thistle Prints.  I guess we’ve decided on a forrest theme for our shopping adventures.  I was so excited that I quickly handed off my iPhone to get my picture snapped while my art was being signed.

In case you’re dying to know exactly which print I purchased and what it looks like… it was the  Thistle Print, and I currently have it resting on my West Elm Green Parson’s Desk.  The placement just seemed too easy.

I was also charmed by the jewelry of of ripegoods.  I didn’t make a purchase at the event.  I decided that I needed to spend some time perusing their Etsy site but I have a feeling that their petit pearl petal earrings may make a journey to my jewelry box some time soon.

Fabulous food, fabulous drink, fabulous design.  Well done West Elm.



  Update: A Perfect Wedding Weekend


October 7, 2010

Thanks to my design guru friend Chole Warner of Redmond Aldrich Design for sharing the website of the designer for the Fairmont Penthouse, CHAMPALIMAUD.   CHAMPALIMAUD is a full service interior design and interior planning firm specializing in distinctive hospitality design.  Here are more photographs of this stunning space:


I just returned from the perfect San Francisco weekend.  Not only did I get to return to the city I lived in during my first few years after college and share my favorite spots with my husband I also had the privilege of witnessing one of my closest friend’s weddings. Congratulations Eli and Leigha!  I was in awe of the wedding.  Every last moment of the wedding was elegant in the most unassuming and effortlessly sophisticated way.  The ceremony was in a park in Pacific Heights and the reception was held in the Penthouse Suite at the Fairmont Hotel on the top of Knob Hill.  I appreciated every last touch from the trolley cars that shuttled us to and from the ceremony, to the hot cocoa that awaited us at the quintessential foggy park, to the chocolate chip cookies that were our take away gift.  As a designer I was in awe of the Penthouse Suite.  The photos below barely do it justice but will allow you a glimpse of backdrop for this spectacular fete.






  Painting: A Labor of Love


October 4, 2010

One of my least favorite personality traits, that I’m trying very hard to change, is my lack of patience. I get so excited about the possibility of something new that most times I rush after the first good option I find.  As you can imagine this doesn’t always end up creating a lasting positive outcome, especially when it comes to paint choices.  As an Interior Designer I pride myself on having a very good eye for color.  I have had an almost perfect record of color selection in my career with only one major hiccup that resulted in a conference room that looked like the gymnasium set of the Under The Sea dance in the movie “Back To The Future”.  It’s not an excuse but in my defense the client pushed very hard for blue, blue, blue.  I should have stood my ground more firmly.

 All in all I’ve been had a great relationship with paint, until recently that is.  My husband and I moved apartments this past year and we were finally in a place that allowed us to paint.  I was ecstatic.  I was finally going to be able to set up my home with my preferred backdrop of color.  Sadly both the process and the outcome did not go smoothly.  I love my husband dearly and I know he feels the same towards me… but the process of painting our entry way and living room put that love to the test.  He is unbelievably methodical and patient and I’m easily excited and impatient.  This was not the match made in home improvement heaven.  By the final wall we had finally gotten into a groove and were able to quickly mask and paint with no errors.  The rest of the process wasn’t as smooth.  I have three outfits that have been permanently ruined by paint. There are multiple smudges of paint on the ceiling that we didn’t clean off in time. And we have one stubborn paint spot on the hardwood floors that no amount of elbow grease has been able to remove.  Argh!  The other major problem is that when we were done and the furniture had been put back and the art was back up on the walls, I looked around realized… I didn’t  like the color. It was much too cool a tone.  How did this happen!  I have come to recognize that it was my impatience.  I was too excited about getting the job done that I didn’t take the time to test out a few different color choices.  After living with the color for a few months I now know that my furniture and accessories would work much better with a warm palette.  Lesson learned.

My first piece of advice to any couple; be it husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend, or roommates… make sure you have similar personality types prior to painting.  My better piece of advice, hire professional painters!  If you are anything like me, impatient and a perfectionist, the money will be well spent.  Trust me… I constantly stare at the uneven trim and paint spots on the ceiling.  Lastly, make sure to paint sample of your color choice on a few different walls to see how it will look with your art and in multiple types of light throughout the day.  Luckily, we are renters and only have to live with this paint for bit longer.