Design Library: Saladino Villa


September 30, 2010

Another classic for your library.  The soft hues and gentle forms used by Saladino always allow for a gracious and serene environment.  I have never seen skirting done in such a sophisticated manner.

All images from Saladino Style


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  Little Brown Pen


September 28, 2010

A quick shout out to one of my favorite blogs Little Brown Pen.  I have a deep love of photography, but sadly I am a terrible photographer.  I think that is why I adore Little Brown Pen so much.  Their blog and shop offer such a lovely distraction from the day.  Here are a few of my favorites:


Steel Blue Door

My Hearts


Medieval Paris

They are now selling Color Collections and Street Corner Travel Prints. Oh so pretty!




  Design Library: Hue


September 23, 2010

The next book on my Design Library list (hopefully for my birthday in November… hint hint) is Kelly Wearstler’s  Hue.  I already have her first two books and I can’t imagine not adding her newest book to my collection.  It’s a bit extravagant since it’s a limited edition signed version… but a girl can dream right!?!

Ahhh… purple.  The color of royalty.

Traditional chic.

Opulent and Kelly Green and I love it.

You can’t be afraid of mixing patterns and textures.  When done right it is masterful.

All images from Kelly Wearstler’s site.


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  On the Day of a Move


September 22, 2010

The day of a move can be overwhelming.  Hopefully leading up to the move you’ve spent a lot of time organizing, purging, and packing.  Now the actual day of the move has arrived and if you’re anything like me you’re thinking “Now what do I do with myself?!?” 

You may be one of the lucky few that can afford to hire a premium moving company that will provide you the soup-to-nuts service and pack up all your belongings with white glove service leaving very little for you to do.  More realistically you have hired a company to do the heavy lifting and trucking and you will be responsible for the rest. 

If you find yourself in the latter category here are my tips for having a productive move day:

Make yourself useful.  Spend this down time cleaning up your room, apartment or home.  If your lucky you may have planned ahead and budgeted to have a cleaning crew come into your home before the new owners move in, but if you don’t have the budget for this be prepared to clean.  For those of you who rent you will thank yourself when you get your security deposit back!  To prepare yourself set aside a bucket of supplies and make sure to not pack your vacuum cleaner.  As each room has been completely removed of its contents go through and pick up any loose trash, vacuum and dust.  I would encourage you to spend a bit more time in the restrooms and kitchen to ensure that you don’t leave any food stains or crumbs. 

If you are able to leave the movers on their own, or with trusted friend, spend some time running your last minute errands in your old neighborhood.  Check that you’ve picked up all your clothes from the dry cleaners, pick up any prescriptions that you haven’t changed over to your new pharmacy, or make a trip to any of your favorite spots in your neighborhood to pick up one last helping of your favorite treat.  If you are able to time it just right, and you are moving locally, go ahead and pick up a few groceries. After the end of a long day of moving the last thing you will want to do is make dinner.  The best tip I can give is to pick up some easily prepared food for that night and breakfast the next morning.  You’ll thank yourself later.

The most important tip of them all is to make sure you keep your movers happy.  These guys are doing hard work and they will appreciate the offer or drinks, snacks or lunch.  Trust me… you want a happy crew moving all your belongings.  Make sure to be prepared with cash tips.  I would recommend making a trip to the ATM the day before the move and taking out a variety of $5, $10s and $20s. This way you will be able to put together the correct tip based on the length of the move.  These guys have worked hard for you all day, it is only appropriate to show them your gratitude.

Good luck!


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  Inspired Image: Astier De Villate


September 21, 2010

It is a crisp, bright and beautiful autumn day in New England.  This weather makes me want to host a huge and scrumptious dinner party with friends.  When I really started thinking about hosting a big party I started to question my lack of a dining room table as well as the status of my dining room cabinets.  Do I have enough service ware to host a huge group?  Likely no, but I’m working on it.  Perhaps I could start by adding some products from the John Derian Company.  How could you not enjoy a dinner served on these beautiful Astier De Villate dishes!

Handmade in Paris, this glazed terracotta pottery is perfect for everyday use.
Cadmium and lead-free, these pieces are inspired by 18th – 19th century designs. Dishwasher safe.


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  Happy Birthday Gramma!


September 20, 2010

Today is my Grandmother’s 87th Birthday.  She has a passion for the color blue so in honor of her I give you a handful of designs that have skillfully used all different shades of blue. Happy Birthday Gramma!


 (Images courtesy of Kelly Wearstler Designs and Elle Decor)


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  Design Library: David Hicks A Life of Design


September 16, 2010

I’ve been wanting to add a book of David Hick’s work for a few years now, ever since I went to school and worked with my friend Elizabeth at Westbrook Interiors.  She is a huge fan of David Hicks and I can see why.  He was an early master of contemporary design and his work still fresh today has inspired me many times over.

Fresh and poppy.  I love the play of aqua and yellow off all the green tones.

How can you go wrong with black lacquer walls and Queen Elizabeth.

This is a serious library.  It even has a ladder.

Tone on tone neutrals… and doing accessories right.

Yellow… rarely done and rarely done right.

The art of pink and red.


Traditional, until you spot the bent acrylic tables.

Marble and flowers- soft and hard done right.

All images from


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