Any Marimekko Fans Out There?


March 31, 2010

If the answer is a resounding yes than make sure to head over to WHORANGE and read Tulu’s cheeky post on Marimekko wall covering now available at Velocity.  It will definitely give you a giggle and maybe even inspire you to go wild and add some spunk to one of your walls.

If you happen to live in the Boston/Cambridge area you’re in luck there is a great Marimekko Concept Store on 350 Huron Avenue.


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  A Castle For A Modern Day Princess


March 30, 2010

Thank you to Decorology, one of my favorite blogs, for posting this wonderful find of the interior masterpiece that is Turebyholm Castle.  If I were a princess this would definitely be my castle of choice.  I love all the muted colors and judicious use of white as a contrast to the bleached wood.  Maybe in my next fairytale dream.

Photo credit to Katrine Martensen-Larsen.


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  A Rainy Anthropologie Day


March 29, 2010

It’s another rainy Monday in New England and I desperately needed some cheer.  So I headed over to Anthropologie to find some playful patterns and colors that could brighten up my day and anyone’s kitchen.  Enjoy!


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  My Gingersnap Obsession


March 25, 2010

I’m straying a bit from my typical design and organization posts but I had to tell the world, or at the very least my loyal readership, that my favorite sweet has finally become more than a once in a blue moon treat.  I was introduced to this adorable patisserie Miette during my last trip to San Francisco and while there I tried their famous Gingersnaps.  After my first bite I quickly gobbled up more than was lady like and then pined for these spicy snaps for months.  Luckily I had a very thoughtful friend who carried them cross country to me as a present for my wedding… and I found out today, only moments ago, that they are now mailing select items, including my beloved Ginger Snaps. Pure bliss! 

If you have a love of Ginger Snaps then scoot over to Miette and place your order.  I promise you won’t be disappointed!


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  Close to my Heart


March 23, 2010

I know I’ve posted about the beautiful photo collages by Leslie of  A Creative Mint in the past but I couldn’t resist featuring her purple and orange Vignettes of Color.  As you can see from my blog I’m a big fan of this color combination.

I love all the playful tea container she finds.  I would love to add this one in my collection.


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  Playful Bookends: Update


March 22, 2010

My husband loves dachshunds.  I’ve never been a huge fan of this breed of dog, but he has been slowly winning me over by pointing out all the adorable puppy versions in the parks around town.  While we aren’t in the market for a puppy quite yet, I think I’ve found a compromise to add a bit of a their playful charm into the apartment with Jonathan Adler’s Dachshund Bookends!  How can you not love them.

Thanks Morgan Rose for the great find of the slightly more wallet friendly but equally adorable Jonathan Adler dachshunds bookends from Barnes and Noble, these cuties are only $39.95.





March 21, 2010

I have been admiring the store Reside from afar the past few weeks during my runs through my new neighborhood.  I’m looking forward to a weekend in the near future that I can find the time to stop in and see all their Mid-Century gems in person, but for now I am having a ton of fun perusing their goodies on line.

My favorite piece so far, the 1950′s Dunbar 656 Sofa in the color of royalty, purple!


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