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February 1, 2010

Make sure to take a look at my newest inspiration image, a stunning kitchen that is both modern and inviting all at the same time.  I love the clean sharp lines of the island’s counter juxtaposed against the curve of the more traditional decorative legs nestled next to a bookshelf.  I’ve always found that you really can’t go wrong with white carrera marble, the gray veining in this marble compliments the tone of the jealousy inducing stainless appliances.  And to top it all off she has added a pendant fixture that is worthy of any formal dining room or entry hall directly over the island- this adds a dash of celebrity fancy to the room.  Find the Pretty thinks this is a mighty pretty kitchen.

This photo is from LeAnn Rime’s home as seen on Hooked on Houses- a wonderfully robust site filled with beautiful images of beautiful homes that was introduced to me by one of my closets friends Andrea, who is an avid design blog visitor.  The images from Leanne Rime’s home was the motivation for her introducing me to the site.  She was a fan of the design’s neutral color palette and I think may even take on a new painting project this spring to add a soft tone of gray to her gallery-esque hallway.  I look forward to seeing the pictures!

I see many more hours in my future on this site.  Julia, the Hooked on House’s creator, has provided me hours of enjoyment already specifically with her posts on Celebrity Houses and homes from TV and Movies, and I don’t think I’m even half way done exploring everything her website has to offer.  Make sure to head over to Hooked on Houses.  I have a feeling I will be linking to this site frequently.



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