Throw Pillows- Update


January 31, 2010

I am in a constant search for just the right throw pillow for my clients and selfishly for myself.  I love how a throw pillow can add a bit of flare or color to a room without the monetary commitment of a piece of furniture or art, or the time commitment of repainting a whole room.  One of my favorite sites for finding these pillows is  They have a huge selection and range of styles of pillows from numerous designers.  This site has done all the work of gathering all the options so you just have to sit and click from one artful masterpiece to the next.  The only problem I’ve ever had is trying to pick just one when they are all so pretty, sigh!


Designs by Blissliving Home Pillows and Koko Company Pillows

I had a great response to this post both through the comments listed below as well as through email.  Everyone loved the pillows shown above, and loved the website   The main questions seemed to be that they loved the pillows and could see many of them making their way into their homes… but buying more than one at a time would be too pricey.  I have a few suggestions that will hopefully help.  First and foremost if you’ve found a pillow that you love and that you know will work perfectly in your home I say go ahead and invest.  It may take you a while to save up but the wait is worth it.  I will also say that not every pillow in your home or even in each room needs to be a statement piece or a bank-breaker.  If you are looking to add a bevy of pillows I would suggest using a few filler pillows that are basic in color, material and size.  Let these pillows compliment your star pillow.

I know I reference West Elm, Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel frequently but they do have a good stock of basic items that can always find a place in any home and me help compliment items new and old.  I am also a fan of Chiasso and Room & Board.  They both have a solid offering of throw pillows.  Chiasso even has a version of the rose pillow seen above:

Rose Pillow

Lastly if you would like to find a few more unusual offerings check out  This link should send you to their pillow section sorted by price lowest to highest.  I hope this helps!



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4 Responses to “Throw Pillows- Update “Throw Pillows- Update”

SweetBeaker said on January 21, 2010:

ooh! might need to find a spot for that first one! love the flower petals!

Drew said on January 21, 2010:

So I’m a male commenting on a post about throw pillows…hmmm…not so sure what that says about me…might be a little scary. At any rate – I love the elephant pillow. Seriously…that guy is super cool.

Erin said on January 22, 2010:

I love that you’re a male commenting on a post about throw pillows. A good throw pillow can make any place shine and anyone smile. And that elephant pillow comes in a bunch of colors.

Brinley said on January 26, 2010:

First off – Erin, I love love love your blog!

Secondly – I really like these 3 pillows…aaaaand every other pillow on that website. A little out of my price range as I need 8 pillows for my couches. Any other suggestions of where I can find similar styles for a more reasonable price?