A Desk of My Own- Update


November 15, 2009

This is not a new love, but one that I’ve been dreaming about for a while.  I can see this fun green desk nestled in one of the corners of my apartment with my currently less than functioning laptop perched upon it while I write more Find the Pretty posts.  I think the simple Parson Style lines and green color would be truly inspirational!


Desk Love

Update!!!  I recently celebrated a birthday (age not important) and my loving blog-reading husband treated me to my long time love, the West Elm Parson’s Desk in green lacquer.  It is absolutely amazing how transformative this piece is for our apartment.  The pop of color changes the whole vibe of the room and the lacquer and contemporary shape creates a more mixed transitional aesthetic to the room.  Not to mention the function of having something on both sides of the sofa and some extra drawers to store things away.  We also picked up a cute tray that we can drop all our mail into.  I think for the upcoming holidays I may ask Santa for two baskets for under the desk that will be his and hers catch all for our purses and bags and gloves and hats.

New Desk


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One Response to “A Desk of My Own- Update “A Desk of My Own- Update”

Drew said on November 12, 2009:

like the desk….love the lamp!