A Little Whimsy Never Hurt Anyone


November 3, 2009

Sometimes function has to outweigh form.  As some of you might know New England has some chilly winters that seem to stretch on for ages.  The only way to get through them is to bundle up and crank up the heat, which tends to result in all moisture being stripped out of the air.  The only way to defend your body against this dry heat is with a humidifier- not exactly the most attractive room accessory.  Over the past five years I’ve been through an embarrassing number of humidifiers.  I tend to not spend that much money on them which results in them breaking quickly, and honestly I don’t have the best track record of taking care of them.  But this years is going to be different.  I’ve decided to abandon the all too typical boring models and try out something a bit more playful.  Meet Maurice (name is still pending):


This little guy is currently making his way to our home.  Even though I’m sure these models are made for children’s rooms I’m embracing my inner youth and adding a touch of whimsy to our bedroom with this little cow.  Maybe I can flip my first statement around and make his adorable form follow his function.  Fingers crossed I can keep this one up and running for more than one year.


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