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October 28, 2009

For those designers reading my blog head on over to So Haute! and read their great post on “Elle Decor’s Second Annual Women in Design Event“.  It’s filled with wonderful words of wisdom from some of our current leading ladies of design. 

Women in Design

My favorite quote from the recap was in regards to the issue of being called a Decorator verses a Designer.  I know I get into this discussion with my fellow designers whenever we sit down over a glass of wine, as well as discussing with friends and clients when they inquire about what it is I do.  It seems I’m always defending my title of Designer (it must be those hefty student loans from my four year design program I graduated from that get me all riled-up).  But I like Charlotte Moss’s take on the whole conundrum, “I don’t care what you call me as long as you pay my bills on time!”.

Thanks So Haute! for a great post!


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  Trina Turk for Schumacher


October 27, 2009

I have recently fallen in love with Trina Turks line of fabrics for Schumacher.  Even though they are touted as outdoor fabrics they are so refreshing and playful I can’t help but want to use them all year round for upholstery or throw pillows.  She uses a mixture of bold and neutral colors so you can have fun layering patterns and colors, or use one bold print as a statement.  It’s almost like she helping us bring a bit of West Palm Beach or Southern California into our everyday homes.


Apartment Therapy, one of the Blogs I follow, has a fun interview with Trina to discuss the inspiration of her designs. 


If you want to take a look at Trian’s residential line make sure to check out her website… be careful though the clothing and accessories are just a click away!


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  A Great Programming Resource


October 22, 2009

Whenever we sit down with a client for an intial consultation we tend to move quickly into a programming session as a means of getting to know that client.  It helps us understand, not only the likes and dislikes of our client, but also to begin to understand what type of shape and form the project will take.  We all tend to have our own process and format for programming.  I just read a recent post by Vicente Wolf, the designer of my Currently Inspired By image, and I thought that he provides a good outline for the types of questions that are beneficial to ask a new residential client.  Take a look here.

Currently Inspired By





October 20, 2009

Over the summer I saw a fabulous film about our relationship with objects.  How each object we interact with on a daily basis, whether it is functional or purely aesthetic, was designed by someone.  And how those designers understand not only the fundamentals of design, but its impact on individuals as well as the greater environment.  If you are looking for a film that will make you think about design and it’s relationship with you and the everyday check our Objectified.



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  Things I Adore: Glass Lamps


October 19, 2009

This will be the first of many posts about glass lamps.  I have a bit of an ongoing love affair with them.  Almost all shapes, sizes, colors and styles. The first style of glass lamps I’m going to feature is on the more traditional side; the cut glass or crystal lamp.  When I was young I always admired this beautiful cut crystal Waterford lamp that my parents had on their buffet in our dining room.  It came as a complete and much appreciated treat to receive one for my wedding.  There are few that do cut crystal better than Waterford.


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October 17, 2009

Hopefully I will someday have a room that where I can swing this accessory:


This swing was designed by the talented Marcel Wanders.  It never hurts to include some whimsy into your design.


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  Angela Adams


October 15, 2009

 This weekend I’m headed up to Portland Maine to visit friends.  One of my goals is to finally spend some time exploring the downtown area.  The last coupe of times I’ve visited Portland I brisquely walked right past what looked like a few intriguing design stores.  The agenda for those trips had little to do with me slowly perusing the aisles of Design Stores, but this trip  I may have to ditch the boys for a bit and spend some time poking around.

I am in the process of selecting a few area rugs for one of my clients and they have in the past used some of Angela Adams products.  I was having a lengthy conversation with one of the sales reps yesterday and when I inquired where they were located they said, Portland Maine. Well, it looks like I’ll be stopping in to say hello and take a look at their products in person.  Can’t wait!

Here are a few of the items I’m looking forward to checking out… stationary, lables, fine art prints, rugs and more:

AA 9


AA 5

AA One


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